Ask anyone living in Utila or Roatan of the Bay Islands of Honduras where the most pristine diving is and the answer is always the same “Cayos Cochinos!” Trips to the islands offer a wonderful variety for scuba divers and snorkelers. The reefs have impressive marine life, some of it found no where else in the Bay Islands.diving_cayos

The most developped dive destinations in Honduras are Utila and Roatan, but with the protection afforded by the Marine Park, the islands themselves, their coral reefs and marine life in is still quite untouched. These reefs set the standard for a healthy marine environment in Honduras.

The two main islands in the chain offer a variety of coral reef structures; fringing reef, spur and groove reef systems and walls. While the chain of cays to the south are coral islands, with shallow coral reefs to the north, sloping walls to the south.

Honduras has been ranked in the top 3 diving destinations in the Caribbean Sea for biodiversity and Cayos Cochinos is the leader in Honduras. Everything from; fish population density, the sheer number of species found, the unusual animals that will catch your eye and some species that have evolved uniquely will make your dives with us memorbluebelltunicatesable.

There are 25 buoyed sites within the Marine Park and efforts are underway with to install more. We have sites suitable for new Open Water course students with sand patches nearby to reef where students can safely practice skills without damaging the fragile coral animals. It is difficult to imagine a more suitable environment for divers first underwater memories.

The seamounts to the north of the Marine Reserve are truly world class diving sitting on the tip of a shelf system that drops to over 1000m (3300feet) into the blue. Schools of Barracuda, jacks, and snappers are common visitors. While groupers, rays, and sharks are the stars on these underwater mountains. These are awe inspiring advanced dives conducted by our divemasters as drift safaris.

Pirate Islands Divers makes day trips to our private island from Sambo Creek, close to the city of La Ceiba, Honduras. We also can arrange multi-day trips and with several boats we have a variety of schedules, we can even offer group scuba and snorkeling excursions. Typically we dive up to 3 times a day with night dives several times per week.

To get the best experience we have to offer we suggest taking a few days and staying in Cayos Cochinos, getting in a few days of diving and relax on our private island. You can also check out our PADI Divemaster internships. If you like remote diving adventures and want to experience something different from Utila or Roatan in the Bay Islands of Honduras than Cayos Cochinos is the place for you.