Our Boats include

The Sea Serpent is an 8-meter/27 foot speedboat typical of the style used by most diving operators in Roatan and Cayos Cochinos. She comfortably fills her duty as a dive boat for small groups to a maximum of 6 guest divers, giving us greater flexibility for special group trips.

All of our boats are equipped with all safety equipment expected as PADI Members, a Professional Dive Center, and Divers Alert Network members. We adhere to all diving safety, standards and procedures.

Our Equipment

Our dive equipment is MARES we stock over 30 sets of equipment for our divers, students and snorkelers. Our divers are impressed with the quality and maintenance of our equipment.

Our Air filling station

Pirate Islands Divers has brand new Luxfer 80 cubic foot/12 liter tanks, the air quarterly tested and approved. These results are shared with PADI to ensure our commitment to excellence and displayed in the dive shop for your attention.