dock_cayos_cochinosPirate Islands Divers is pleased to offer several options for lodging in Cayos Cochinos; beach house on secluded beach, beach house on Chachahuate, very basic cabins on Chachuate.



Our first option and the one we recommend the most is the beach house on Cayo Grande located on a beautiful secluded beach. I rate this property to be on par with the more expensive accomadations in Cayos. Pricing is based per person, for example, a group of five guests it cost an extra $10pp per night when added to a package (with fewer guests it is slight more expensive). It is well worth the cost and is by far the best value for overnight stays in Cayos Click here to view photos.


Our second option and the one closest to our hearts is the basic cabins on the island village of Chachahuate. We love this location because it's location in the Garifuna community for those who would enjoy interacting with the locals and thier culture. This is our lodging included with basic packages. There is also a small beach house there offering a little more privacy for an extra $10pp per night Click here to view photos.



The next option is cabans in the East Village of Cayo Grande. These are two cabins each sleep 10 persons dormatory style are great for larger groups seeking inexpensive lodging Click here to view photos.




Please let us know the number of people that will be staying at the properties, when your intended dates are, what level of diving or scuba training you may want and we can assist you in booking a marvelously relaxing tropical Caribbean island vacation.