Cayos Cochinos are a group of two small islands and 13 small coral islands located halfway between the Honduran mainland city of La Ceiba and the caribbean resort destinations of Roatan and Utila. Translated to english, the 'Hog Islands' were named by pirates who visited the area, leaving hogs to populate these tropical forested islands. The islands are so picturesque that the 'Survivor' television program lodges and films here!


Although close to Utila and Roatan, the cays are biologically distinct. The islands are characterized by their natural beauty, undeveloped nature and marine biodiversity unique in the Bay Islands of Honduras. The cays are the group of islands closest to the mainland of Honduras and travel time is typically 45 minutes.


There are no airports or ferries but our diving operation departs from Sambo Creek which is one of the closest launching points to our tropical island dive shop. We cater to small groups, offerring the best nature in the Caribbean that Honduras has to offer, all within a strictly patrolled Marine Park.

In 1993 a group concerned with conserving this biologically distinct area of Honduras’ wildlife fought for and obtained recognition for Cayos Cochinos as a Marine Natural Monument. This elevated status of protection is evident whether you are on an advanced scuba safari to the open water seamounts in the northern waters of the park or snorkeling the Pirate Islands Divers house reef on Cayos Largo Arriba.

It is within this amazing natural island setting that we offer dive trips, PADI scuba certification from Open Water to Divemaster internships, all-inclusive, on our private tropical caribbean paradise of Cayos Cochinos, Bay Islands, Honduras. Check out the map on google!

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