cayos_cochinos_divingPirate Islands Divers is a remote scuba diving safari service offering day trips and multi-day exscursions in Cayos Cochinos Marine Park for divers, snorkelers and explorers.

Our vision is to offer the most exhilarating eco adventures, in the premier coral reef and tropical islands ecosystem in the Bay Islands of Honduras. PID's goal is to combine safe and responsible eco-tourism practices with local knowledge and customer service beyond the industry standard. The design is to provide all of this with the friendliness and familiarity of a small professional resort style diving operation.


We are a group of PADI professional diving Instructors, marine biologists and naturalists who have spent the combined last 12 years diving Utila and Roatan in the Bay Islands of Honduras. We now offer you an alternative .

We also offer PADI training including Open Water, Advanced, Rescue and Divemaster internships. All our courses are all-inlcusive, transportation, lodging, meals, PADI materials, diving and private tropical islands adventures in the Caribbean!

It is well known throughout the central american diving community that our islands coral coverage, due largely to its remote location and the conservation efforts of the Cayos Cochinos Foundation, offers the most impressive diving, with unmatched biodiversity, and a largely unexplored marine ecosystem in the Bay Islands of Honduras.


After years of divers 'reef envy' - looking over the seas from Utila and Roatan to Cayos Cochinos, we decided to open our own dive shop and live the dream everyday. It is our spirit of exploration and adventure that is the driving force behind our vision of diving in what we call, 'Islands to dive for.'

Our staff at Pirate Islands Divers would like to extend a warm welcome to remote scuba explorers! Take a dive trip to the unspoiled islands of Cayos Cochinos, dive with our friendly, knowledgeable staff and experience the caribbean in the Bay Islands of Honduras the way nature intended. Want lodging, to stay with us and become a great diver? Check out out PADI Divemaster Internship programs...